Light is the core and focal point around which both photography and filmmaking revolve. While sunlight, the primary natural source, is often used for artistic purposes, it proves to be an unreliable and challenging solution to modify. Opting to incorporate sunlight into films and photographs requires reliance on good weather and constant monitoring of current conditions, predominantly influenced by the time of day. In situations where these challenges need to be avoided, film lighting and photographic lighting step in. With their aid, favorable conditions can be established for capturing images and conducting recordings in studio environments or improving those encountered on an outdoor set.

Within the MITOYA brand’s portfolio, a diverse array of continuous lighting sources is available, encompassing LED lamps and photographic light bulbs. All equipment is characterized by proven, dependable performance parameters and is accompanied by a comprehensive two-year warranty. The entirety of MITOYA’s product range is meticulously crafted in collaboration with longstanding manufacturing partners. Through these initiatives conducted directly at the source, coupled with the establishment of an extensive distribution network across Poland, we assure competitive pricing for our offerings. Each model slated for introduction undergoes meticulous scrutiny and testing, thereby excluding devices that fail to meet our stringent standards of quality and aesthetics.


Efficient and portable light sources, MITOYA LED lamps offer a multitude of practical features. Beyond the essential power adjustment, these lamps also provide the flexibility to customize the light color, spanning from warm tones at approximately 3000 K to cooler temperatures reaching 6000 K. This adaptability allows their operation to be finely tuned to accommodate a diverse range of conditions.

Within the MITOYA lamp collection, a prominent category consists of ring lights, representing a remarkable solution for makeup and portrait photography. Available in various sizes, these ring lights range from a compact 15 cm in diameter to an expansive 55 cm.

Depending on the specific model, the lamp can be powered either from a standard power outlet, rechargeable batteries, or through a USB port. The predominant feature across most models is the capability to mount a smartphone, a valuable function for activities such as live streaming or video recording.


A classic and widely adopted solution for illuminating photographic or film sets at a cost-effective price point. MITOYA fluorescent lights represent energy-efficient accessories, surpassing their declared power output. All models feature a standard E27 socket and produce light with a consistent, neutral color temperature of 5500 K..

The MITOYA fluorescent lights bear the ROHS certificates and are fully compliant with CE directives. For optimal performance, their intense and crisp light should be modified using softboxes or photographic umbrellas..