Mitoya was established in 2008. Currently we are one of the biggest companies offering photo and video accessories in Poland. During all those years we managed to build a strong, recognizable brand and we gained trust of thousands of customers.

We successfully introduced many brands, such as Zhiyun, Gudsen Moza, Haida, Kimafun, Came-TV, 7RYMS to the Polish market. We managed to make them recognizable and we put them in a strong position on the market.

We are also one of the biggest dealers of many other brands, such as K&F Concept, Aputure, Yongnuo, 7RYMS, Freewell, Ulanzi, VSGO, Feelworld, Seetec and others. We also keep an eye on the market and constantly introduce new products and brands that answer our customers’ needs.


Thanks to the combination of experience and knowledge, we created our own Mitoya brand. It quickly became recognizable and valued. We offer studio equipment, such as softboxes, tripods and smaller accessories for both beginners and more advanced users. Mitoya is also well-known in the beauty industry. We are perceived as the producer of LED lamps perfect for makeup and beauty treatments.

We own a warehouse space of over 500 square meters. Both the warehouse and our logistic center are located in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. Or store is located there too.

Among our end-sellers there are many of the largest photo-video stores in Poland. We are currently introducing our brands abroad and we will be more than happy to cooperate with stores from all over EU.


+48 22 244 37 62


Warszawa, ul. Racjonalizacji 5