Tripods & Lighting Stands


The MITOYA product line encompasses not solely lighting apparatus and light modifiers, but also a diverse array of lighting stands and tripods, integral to the procedural aspects of photographic and cinematic endeavors. This assortment may be dichotomously categorized into two principal classifications: photo/video tripods, serving the purposes of mounting, stabilizing, and orienting cameras or camcorders, and light stands, facilitating the installation of lighting fixtures, booms, backdrops, and other constituents germane to the creative workspace. Within each category, products exhibit distinctions primarily in dimensions, maximum permissible load capacity, and additional technical parameters. It is notable that the range comprises both fundamental models suitable for amateur applications and those tailored to a constrained budget, as well as fully professional-grade products deemed apt for deployment in the milieu of commercial productions.

We engage in enduring and extensive partnerships with consistently chosen manufacturers. This practice allows us to uphold a product selection comprised solely of verified, high-caliber items. Irrespective of their designated utility, our commitment is directed towards ensuring that the products delivered to our clientele facilitate prolonged and intensive usage. Furthermore, we conscientiously curate the MITOYA product range to remain diverse and appealing to a wide spectrum of consumers, offering items tailored not only to specific applications but also characterized by competitive pricing.