Softboxes with a construction akin to the MITOYA STUDIO have been utilized by filmmakers and photographers for an extensive period. These light modifiers are robust and dependable, commonly present in various studio settings. The cost-effectiveness and appeal of products from this line stem from the straightforward design based on four independently wired elements.

For each model, there is an option for a suitable adapter, customized to the system used by the creator. These include Bowens, Elinchrom, or universal mount, which can be applied to non-standard lamps and securely fastened. Additionally, all units are equipped with two diffusers: an internal one, affixed halfway into the depth, and an external one, attached at the very edge of the canopy. Grids with matching dimensions are available for separate purchase. The entire set is meticulously packaged in a straightforward protective case.

40 × 180 cm

Depth: 39 cm
Weight: 1,50 kg

30 × 120 cm

Depth: 37 cm
Weight: 1,12 kg

22 × 90 cm

Depth: 38 cm
Weight: 0,93 kg