The series comprises fundamental softboxes characterized by an exceptionally lightweight design. The umbrella-style folding mechanism implemented in the modifier enables swift preparation for operation within a matter of seconds. MITOYA Quick represents an optimal choice for outdoor settings as well as studio environments, it effectively diffuses the light stream and directs it to the desired location. Available in both rectangular and octagonal shapes.

The incorporation of a Bowens adapter in their design facilitates the rapid and convenient rotation of the softboxes within a 360° range. Rectangular models can be employed in both vertical and horizontal orientations. To augment light control capabilities, each model includes provision for the attachment of a grid of commensurate size. The set is includes two diffusers – internal and external – alongside a straightforward protective cover featuring a zipper.

120 cm

Depth: 50 cm
Weight: 1,55 kg

95 cm

Depth: 40 cm
Weight: 1,20 kg

70 × 100 cm

Depth: 48 cm
Weight: 1,26 kg

60 × 90 cm

Depth: 43 cm
Weight: 1,07 kg