MITOYA PICO is a softbox designed for flash and LED constant light fixtures with Bowens mounts. Its construction is similar to the Intense and Motion lines – the frame is placed on the outside, and individual wires are tensioned and stabilized using snaps. This allowed the elimination of the umbrella-like mechanism inside, so the interior of the softboxes remains empty and no element obstructs the lamp. This ensures even better light diffusion and facilitates video recording.

The PICO softboxes are available in three versions, allowing them to be used in various projects. The models come in diameters of 65, 85, and 105 cm. Each of them features two diffusers (inner and outer) and a grid with a dense mesh. The modifiers come with thick, durable zippered covers.

65 cm

Depth 34 cm
Weight 0,9 kg

85 cm

Depth 40 cm
Weight 1,1 kg

105 cm

Depth 44 cm
Weight 1,5 kg