MITOYA Motion is a series of softboxes designed for flashes and Bowens-mounted LED continuous lights. Their canopy design is similar to the Intense line – the frame is positioned on the outside, and individual rods are tensioned and stabilized using snaps. This design eliminates the umbrella-style quick deployment mechanism inside, keeping the interior of the softboxes empty and preventing any element from obstructing the light’s burner. This provides even better light diffusion and facilitates video recording.

The Motion softboxes are offered in three versions, providing versatility for different projects. Options include a rectangular softbox measuring 60 × 90 cm, along with two hexagonal models – a parabolic softbox with an 85 cm diameter and a traditional, shallow softbox with a 105 cm diameter. Each model is equipped with two diffusers (internal and external) and a grid featuring a dense mesh pattern. The modifiers come with durable bags that have zipper closures.

85 cm

Depth 55 cm
Weight 1,7 kg

60 × 90 cm

Depth 50 cm
Weight 1,3 kg

105 cm

Depth 45 cm
Weight 1,9 kg