Large softboxes with Bowens mounts may not be the optimal choice for every situation. This is especially evident during outdoor photoshoots, where using lightweight and portable equipment is much more practical. The MITOYA Easy softboxes are well-suited for people seeking such solutions. These umbrella-style modifiers can be swiftly prepared for work with a single quick motion. They come in octagon and rectangle shapes with various dimensions and can be paired with any speedlight or compact studio lights. When folded, they are exceptionally compact, occupying minimal space during storage or transport.

The standard kit includes an external diffuser that softens the lamp’s intense flash and a simple bag. Optionally, you can separately purchase customized grids to achieve an even more precise control over the direction of the light beam.

60 × 90 cm

Depth 48 cm
Weight 460 g

80 cm

Depth 42 cm
Weight 440 g

50 × 70 cm

Depth 44 cm
Weight 400 g