Modifying and managing lighting can be done easily and effectively with the use of photographic reflectors. The light can be reflected and directed to a specific place on the set, for instance, when taking portraits, thanks to their functionality. MITOYA’s brand manufactures and distributes high-quality circular and oval reflectors, as well as panel reflectors that can be mounted on studio stands directly. In every category, there is a wide range of sizes available, from small, 60-centimeter accessories to large, 2-meter reflecting surfaces. The product range includes basic double-sided reflectors that are gold-silver or silver-white with reflecting surfaces, and advanced accessories for the 5-in-1 and 7-in-1 versions. A wide selection in the assortment allows you to choose a product perfectly suited to the needs of the creator, whether it is universal or intended for a specific photographic or film project.

The high quality of workmanship and durability of the materials make our products stand out. For over ten years, we have been working together with the same factory to provide products that meet our quality standards. Every delivery and batch undergoes careful check and verification. Our customers who have been using our products for many years have given us positive feedback thanks to our attention to detail.