Distinguished by a robust construction, meticulous craftsmanship, and a comprehensive set of accessories, the modifiers comprising the Speedy series are aptly characterized. These professional light modifiers are crafted from premium materials. The black fabric employed in their construction is exceptionally thick and heat-resistant, while the sturdy framework ensures longevity throughout years of intensive use. MITOYA Speedy softboxes excel in both photographic and cinematic studio settings, seamlessly accommodating flash and continuous lights equipped with Bowens mounts.

The two diffusers provided in the set proficiently scatter the intense light emitted by the lamps to which the modifier is affixed. Additionally, MITOYA Speedy softboxes come equipped with a grid corresponding to their diameter. The entire ensemble is packaged in a zippered bag with a shoulder strap, crafted from robust protective material.

105 cm

Depth 42 cm
Weight 2,6 kg

85 cm

Depth 38 cm
Weight 1,9 kg

65 cm

Depth 32 cm
Weight 1,8 kg