Speedy Deep


The series features advanced softboxes with Bowens mounts, meticulously crafted from premium-grade materials. Each model adopts the hexadecagon shape, providing a sixteen-sided polygon, which, in turn, closely approximates a circular diffuser surface. The deep, parabolic canopy of these softboxes allows for the creation of a more directed and focused light stream, resulting in precise frame illumination. The robust and rapidly collapsible construction, reminiscent of an umbrella, facilitates the swift preparation of the modifier for on-set use in record time.

Given their unique construction, the softboxes in this series are tailored for use with high-powered flash and continuous lights. The black fabric utilized in their fabrication features an exceptionally dense weave and exhibits resistance to high temperatures. The silver interior surface serves to intensify the light stream, reflecting it multiple times and uniformly distributing it across the entire canopy. This design ensures that the softbox provides uniform illumination without any discernible “hot spots” over its entire surface.

Every MITOYA Speedy Deep softbox comes with a grid and two diffusers – one internal and one external. The complete set is carefully packed in a durable zippered bag with a shoulder strap.

120 cm

Depth 65 cm
Weight 2,8 kg

90 cm

Depth 60 cm
Weight 2,2 kg

70 cm

Depth 55 cm
Weight 1,8 kg