A series of professional-grade softboxes designed for optimal ergonomic use and complete mastery over continuous or flash lighting. What sets them apart from other modifiers is their unique construction – the entire frame is positioned outside the canopy, preventing any obstruction of the lamp’s burner by the support structure commonly found in umbrella-style designs. MITOYA Intense also boasts a system for swift and convenient assembly and disassembly – each of the 18 wires, crafted from durable and flexible material, securely locks in place when bent and can be released with a button.

The unique hexadecagon shape is designed to make the modifier’s surface closely mimic a circle, ensuring a natural, round reflection on photographed objects or in the model’s eye. The deep, parabolic canopy enables a more focused and directed light stream, ultimately providing precise illumination for the frame. The black fabric used is characterized by an exceptionally dense weave and is resistant to high-temperature conditions.

The modifiers are exclusively available with Bowens mounts. The set includes two diffusers – internal and external.The internal diffuser is centrally lined with a thicker layer of diffusing material, effectively evening out the light emitted by the lamp and preventing the formation of a “hot spot” at the center of the surface. Everything is neatly packed in a strudy, thick bag with a zipper.

120 cm

Depth 67 cm
Weight 2,22 kg

90 cm

Depth 56 cm
Weight 1,82 kg

70 cm

Depth 43 cm
Weight 1,53 kg

180 cm

Depth 85 cm
Weight 3,55 kg

For the Intense series softboxes, we recommend using the Zoom-Focus arm, which significantly expands their capabilities.

Its structure enables an alternative installation of the light source within the modifier: the light is positioned not directly in the adapter on the exterior of the softbox but inside its canopy. As a result, the emitted light doesn’t directly illuminate the front diffuser but is initially directed towards the internal reflective layer. This type of mounting allows for the creation of evenly distributed, very soft, and appealing lighting, which is especially valuable in portrait photography.